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Good advice is not expensive, yet it saves money


We provide advice and take on project management tasks. Reduce your risks, control your budget step by step, and increase your efficiency.


Our experienced advisors will be at your side with help and advice for organisation, logistics, IT and administration. Our specialist areas include advice to architects on the logistics aspects of building projects. From the very beginning of each project our work is interdisciplinary and we involve your specialists in the project. Collaboration with your staff in this way enables us to realise the best solution for you.



Analysis of existing business processes


Developing and implementing proposed solutions


Advice on, and implementation of web-based IT projects

Burri Logistik | 2communicate ag | Neustrasse 55 | 4623 Neuendorf | 061 270 27 47
www.burrilogistik.ch | contact@burrilogistik.ch



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